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LeClub App an application designed by libertines for the most demanding libertines.

Discover LeClub App, the 1st application intended to meet all the libertines around you, wherever you are in the world thanks to geolocation.

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Downloading the LeClub App will allow you to get to know and meet other certified members. Also and in order to guarantee you the best possible experience, we ask all our members to be certified, to assure you the quality of all the registered libertines. All profiles are checked in accordance with the requirements of the community.


Geolocation in real time

Discover all the naughty profiles around you wherever you are in the world

Optimized chat

You have the possibility of creating discussion groups and exchanging from 2 and up to 6 people!

100% certified members

Only certified members can contact you, we guarantee you serious and motivated profiles.


The Club application

Discover the 1st mobile application of libertine meetings with geolocation. Chat with 100% certified rascals close to you in real time wherever you are in the world.

  • Geolocation in real time
  • Optimized chat
  • 100% certified members
  • Data protection*
  • shocking and inappropriate content moderation*

Disponible sur Google Play Download on the App Store

* LeClub look after to offer you a dating application for swingers while respecting and protecting everyone's data in accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL. Also and in this same perspective, we are committed to the fact that no photographic reproduction of a pornographic nature is freely disseminated on the application in order to protect our members from any image that may prove to be shocking or inappropriate.


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